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Melissa Muir

Teaching jewelry is more than just a job. It is my passion. After teaching computer and programming languages for many years, the transition to teaching jewelry was the most exciting and rewarding experience. As a way for me to get into the studio and learn how to use my own tools, I began a feature called Tool Time Tuesday. It is quite a popular program on my YouTube Channel ( So not only do I continue to learn about new tools and techniques in a metalsmithing/jewelry studio, but you get to learn them along with me. Yes, I am a tool junkie, and I LOVE it.

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About this course

Basic Soldering: An Online Workshop

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is geared toward beginning and intermediate jewelers. If you have never worked with a torch, this will be a great course to get you going. We will cover the tools used in soldering, correct techniques and safety procedures.

What isn’t covered? 
Soldering is rarely the first step in jewelry making. Most people start by working with wire, beads, stamping sheet metal, etc. I will not be covering any of those techniques. It is strictly geared toward projects with soldering as the medium.

So what can you expect to learn in this workshop?  
Below, you will see the projects we will complete in this workshop. There are seven projects we will work through from beginning to end. Listed  below each photo you will see the core goals and techniques covered for each project.

How does it work? 
When you sign up for the workshop, you are not just getting access to the videos. You are getting access to me as your mentor and instructor. I have created an online classroom incorporating a Yahoo group and Flickr group where we will be able to converse and share photos, questions and answers and more.

Each project is made up of multiple videos. I have kept the videos shorter to help with download and streaming capabilities. Each video is filmed in HD and should be fairly high quality so you can see what is going on. The videos will be available starting on October 8th and through December 8th. The files will not be downloaded to your computer, but rather from a central server location and streamed to you. You can watch the video as often as you would like. If you have seen any of my YouTube videos you will already know that I am very thorough, and this workshop is no different.

What equipment do I need? 
A list of tools required is provided along with the materials list and class notes one the workshop has been purchased. You may use any number of torches, but for this workshop I will be using a Jumbo Max butane torch. As this is an older workshop, I no longer sell the materials, but I can help you source appropriate materials for the projects. 

What is the cost?
The workshop is US$225.00.  You can pay by credit card through my website using PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this function. I will also take a check or money order. Please be aware that access will not be granted to the course until the check has cleared if you choose this option.

What are the projects? 
Let’s take a look at those now! In each case I list the materials used int he project pictured. You do not need to have the EXACT materials. Be creative and make the project your own.

Making Jumprings

Jump rings are a big part of this workshop. In the first section we will cover the tools used as well as various ways to cut your own jump rings in all sorts of shapes.

Silver Chain Bracelet

Even though this project is done in silver, you can use other metals such as copper or brass. The steps are going to be exactly the same.

  • Close your rings properly
  • Solder and assemble the chain – without soldering the links to one another
  • Reshape rings to add a different look
  • Create a custom hook

Copper Post Earrings

 Ever wonder how to make a pair of post style earrings? What gauge of wire do you use? How long do you make them? Well, this project will answer of all those questions.

Wind Chime Earrings

The wind chime earrings are named for their dainty and whimsical movement. Learn how to place your solder so that you are left with clean seams and no solder blobs. You will also learn how to make your wires straight and ball up the ends of a wire. In addition, we will be making our own ear wires.

Forged Swirl Pendant

Ever want to know how I make such great looking open swirls and have such great dimension to my pieces? Well, this course will show you exactly how I do it. You may not be able to do them perfectly at first, after all, it took me 6 months of working on them before I got it myself, but you will at least know how I do it.

Silver and Copper Bracelet

One of the most difficult things to do is solder an item on top of a textured backplate without having solder flowing everywhere. Learn the tricks to having a good looking finished piece.

Colored Copper Bracelet

Solder a copper bracelet with silver solder and show no silver solder seams. Take it one step further and add color with alcohol inks. This is a very fun project with TONS of potential and room for creativity.