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Melissa Muir

Teaching jewelry is more than just a job. It is my passion. After teaching computer and programming languages for many years, the transition to teaching jewelry was the most exciting and rewarding experience. As a way for me to get into the studio and learn how to use my own tools, I began a feature called Tool Time Tuesday. It is quite a popular program on my YouTube Channel ( So not only do I continue to learn about new tools and techniques in a metalsmithing/jewelry studio, but you get to learn them along with me. Yes, I am a tool junkie, and I LOVE it.

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About this course

In this workshop you will work along side me to create five different pair of earrings and a few variations. We will be talking shaping, rolling, texturing, soldering, stone setting and more. This course will have you utilize your disc cutter and ring benders, but no worries if you don't have those tools, you can simply use other items around your studio. The course features 24 videos currently, with a few more to be added as we go along. There are two live webcast sessions as well, but again, no worries if you can't attend, it will be recorded and posted just after the webcast finishes. You also have access to a comprehensive resource section with links to helpful videos of tool reviews and other tutorials, as well as links to where I buy the tools and materials used in the course.

Tear Drop Earrings

A refresher of soldering basics to get you going. Then we jump right in and work on our soldering skills of soldering a wire to a textured sheet of metal, not always an easy thing. Learn to make ear wires and see a couple of variations as well.

Double Drop Earrings

Use the rolling mill with paper patterns to create a design to be cut out and used as components in different types of jewelry. We will also see how to properly set a small faceted round stone.

Lots of Hearts

Three variations of the same theme to create unique and fun earrings. You will hone your soldering skills as you make multiple joins with very delicate wire.

Crescent Drops

Use both the disc cutter and ring bender to create an earring base that can be full of movement by adding various embellishments. Practice your soldering skills in soldering wire to the earring base.

Spinning Boxes

A more contemporary feel and earrings with a twist. Use the ring bender to shape and form the spinning box and create an integrated ear wire.

The entire course costs $100, that is just $20 per project section. Don't have time to sit down and finish the course in a week or so? No worries, the course is yours forever (as long as I can afford to keep them hosted). You can watch whenever you would like, for as long as you would like. Please, join me today.